Unclaimed 100 Club winnings

August draw results for the 100 Club are as follows:

1st J Preece (£100), 2nd T Stuart Davies (£50), 3rd J E Thomas (£25).

Prior to the August 2021 draw for the 100 Club prizes, we would like to point out that the following winners have not yet collected their winnings. Obviously, the recent climate, with Covid restrictions has hampered some from being able to do so. But we are determined that all winnings be properly distributed and so this is a communication to collectively alert anyone who is listed below and ask them please to contact us here to arrange collection of your winnings.

Look out for the August draw and also contact the club if you are not yet a member of the 100 Club and wish to do so. All money after winnings goes to help the club.

Please contact: Robin Jones

July: 1st I Chapple (£100), 2nd R B Phillips £50), 3rd P Hickery (£25).

June: 1st I Paul Tabram (£100), 2nd Ernie Longdon £50), 3rd J Preece (£25).

May: 1st I H Chapple (£100), 2nd S Gwynne £50), 3rd John G Thomas (£25).

Apr: 1st D Moggridge (£100), 2nd R B Phillips £50), 3rd Jeff Thomas (£25).

March: 1st M G Ross (£100), 2nd John G Thomas £50), 3rd G W Davies (£25).

Also not yet claimed: Jeff Thomas, Terry Morgan, T Davies, W I Jones.