Buffet Menu


Continental Buffet £7 per person

Selection of Pastries


Butter, Jam & Chocolate Spread

Fresh fruit platter

Fruit Juice (apple & orange)

Basic Buffet £7.95 per person

Open sandwiches – Beef & Horseradish, Tuna & cucumber, Cheese & Tomato


Chicken Skewers & dip

Houmous and carrot sticks

Beetroot salad and Coleslaw salad

Chocolate brownie bites

Platinum Buffet £10.95 per person

Cured Meat selection

Cheese selection & crackers & chutney & fresh grapes

Mediterranean Olives

Houmous & carrot sticks

Baguette slices & butter

Scotch egg

Pickled onions

Chocolate brownie

Afternoon Tea Buffet £9.95 per person

Open Sandwiches – Tuna & cucumber, cheese & tomato, beef & horseradish

Sausage Roll and Scotch egg

Bara Brith & butter

Scone, clotted cream & jam

BBQ Buffet £9.95 per person

Beef Burgers and Cheeseburgers

Hot Dogs

BBQ Chicken Wings

Potato Salad

Tomato & Onion Salad

Couscous Salad

Italian Pasta Salad

Vegan Burgers and Vegan Hot Dogs (Available)