The History Project



An ambitious beginning

The project of a digital online record of the history of Swansea Rugby Club began in 2004 with the re-launch of the club’s official website as a Principality Premiership League club. With the club’s blessing, Bleddyn Hopkins (Club Statistician) Paul Hopkins (Match Programme Manager & Match reporter) and myself, began to accumulate data. Many other hands have helped since.

The original aim was to digitally copy and restore imagery belonging to the club to prevent deterioration of some of the older photos. The logical next step was to use these in conjunction with a narrative to describe the life and times of the club from its early days in 1873 to present. As systematic progress revealed, there was a huge quantity of photos that hadn’t seen the light of day for decades; worse, there were others that had faded in that light almost to invisibility.

Re-launch in 2010-11

To bring these images to life, they had to be described as well as restored. Diverse sources have been used and cross referenced to bring this about. This work was given a shot in the arm with the re-launch of the official website at the start of 2010-11. We were able to incorporate the extensive statistical archive of our new website builders and web hosts Sportradar, which was transferring over to Sporting Records Online in 2018. Unfortunately, this also meant the resubmission of the entire archive to a new template in order to take advantage of the new features available to us. This work is still ongoing.


Many of the digitally archived images have been restored, some extensively with the use of front line software. This will preserve some of the more degraded and delicate photos as digital files for future generations. In addition to the many photographs on display or stored at the club, former players, and in many cases their descendants have come forward with images and other items thought to have been lost, for us to record. Rugby supporters, writers and collectors have passed on Memorabilia such as jerseys, photos, cups, programmes, dinner menus and medals for us to incorporate into the project. Wherever known, the donations are credited beneath the image.

The Text

The addition of a descriptive text to the pictorial story is helped by access to many sources, both eye witness and written. Bleddyn Hopkins has made available his extensive records and worked with Sportstat to dovetail these with their own, giving the viewer instant access to many facts about seasons and players past and present. In addition, his book “Swansea RFC 1873-1945” has been a useful reference point as has the late David Farmer’s “The All Whites”. Many other sources have been referred to and are listed below but special thanks must also go to Peter Owens at the WRU for allowing us unlimited access to the WRU archive room at Cardiff Millennium Stadium (when will there be heating there please!).

Future Features

Apart from the descriptive text, which is an ongoing task, we plan to insert movie clips from famous matches, and already have a small but growing collection of material and other clips we hope to get permission to show.

A section dedicated to the story of the world famous St Helens Ground is well under way with a fine collection of imagery facts and recollections of a ground as famous for it’s cricket as it is for rugby football. This includes the never previously viewed plan from 1945 for the development of the ground which was to have maintained it as an international venue.

The clubhouse at St Helens holds many items of memorabilia as yet unrecorded. These include such items as foreign international and club jerseys, cups, caps, signed balls and mementoes from Swansea RFC tours abroad. All will require recording. Also, a virtual reality tour is planned of the clubhouse and ground.

How can you help?

Your memories – many of the descriptive texts in the archive come directly from those who were there, whether players, committee or supporters. There is no description as valuable as an eye witness account from a personal viewpoint. It helps the reader to imagine himself or herself there. The facts recording a sporting event are brought to life by the human aspect. What was it like to watch John Faull kick two huge penalties to draw a match with the 1953 All Blacks? How did the Aussies react to defeat by Swansea at St Helens in 1966? Why did the touring ‘Whites’ end up in an Italian jail on the pre-season tour of 1972-73? You can add your piece of the history of Swansea Rugby Club to the online archive by getting in touch with us.

Memorabilia items – We are still looking for team photos (1st & 2nd XV) and pictures taken at matches. Old programmes from well known matches and badges, jerseys and other items all help put meat on the bones of any given season. If you don’t wish to part with the items, they can be recorded without ever leaving your home as many have been already. Let us know if you have something you think we’d like to see.

Your expertise –  All the work done on this project is voluntary and for the benefit and enjoyment of people interested in rugby football and this historic club and its story. If you think you can help to forward this work you can get in touch with us. You may have skills that are necessary to the completion of a feature. We are currently looking for people who know about digital movie processing and generally, computer able people. Also we need people to help generally on archive photographing days at the club, where we have to remove, present, photo and return items in the pavilion. Get in touch with us.

 Will Joseph’s 1905 Wales v All Blacks jersey and it’s proud current owner who allowed us to photograph it.

Enjoy your visit to the online archive of Swansea RFC

David Dow

(Club Photographer & Archivist)

Sources and Contributors

Swansea Public Library Archived Newpapers:- The Cambrian, South Wales Daily Post, Western Mail.

National Library of Wales Online Archive:- Western Mail, The Times, Pall Mall Gazette, The Bristol Mercury And Daily Post, The Northern Echo, The Belfast Newsletter.

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Jack Cullen at Pathe News for helping us with archive newsreels

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Sportradar: Hugh, Mark and the team for their extensive records, creative approach and infinate patience.

Sporting Records Online: Ian Golden who rebuilt the new website after transferring from Sportradar.

Sian Tucker and the Community archives Wales team for making aural recordings over several sessions in 2009.

Dragon Tales Rugby

Special thanks to Peter Owens at the WRU for access to the WRU Archives room in Cardiff Millenniumm Stadium. Also to Life Patron and former Secretary and President of Swansea RFC, David Price for contributions, advice and encouragement. Also to former players Phil Llewellyn, Dai Protheroe, Stuart Davies, Mike Thomas, Terry Morgan of the Former Players’ Association and the late Horace Phillips.

Merthyr 23 18 0 5 651 393 91
Cardiff 23 18 1 4 696 469 89
Pontypridd 21 16 0 5 730 374 79
Llandovery 24 16 1 7 652 408 79
Newport 25 15 2 8 629 551 77
Ebbw Vale 24 16 1 7 541 423 76
Aberavon 22 14 2 6 485 415 69
Swansea 24 13 0 11 537 451 65
Rygbi Gogledd Cymru 1404 22 11 1 10 552 456 64
Carmarthen Quins 24 10 1 13 488 454 56
Bedwas 24 8 1 15 515 667 43
Bridgend Ravens 22 8 0 14 427 517 43
Llanelli 24 6 1 17 450 620 35
Cross Keys 22 5 1 16 452 681 34
Bargoed 23 4 0 19 400 756 22
Neath 23 1 0 22 335 905 3