Sporting Memories – We’re back!

The sporting memories sessions at St Helen’s that proved so popular pre-lockdown, have now started up again. The first session took place on Tuesday 9th in the St Helen’s Lounge and was a resounding success. We were pleased to see a few new faces as well.

The group quickly settles into the format and Helen John (Ospreys in the Community) ran everyone through their paces with quizzes and indoor bowling. It has to be said that a degree of cheating went on in both activities, but as everyone was doing it, no one cared. As before, a short presentation by from the Memorabilia was made and teas and coffees served. the time flew by and it was pleasing to see that the group enjoyed themselves as though there had never been a break of nearly two years.

Everyone is looking forward to next week at St Helen’s 1:30 – 3:30pm.

If you think this activity would benefit you or someone you are caring for, get in touch to book yourselves in. The afternoon is for the enjoyment of carers as well as those they care for. If you have not been getting out much since the pandemic, think about enjoying an activity

You are guaranteed a friendly reception and some amazing rugby memorabilia presented exclusively to the group each time. Fun and quizzes, indoor games and refreshments too.

The sessions are run and supervised via the Ospreys Care in the Community and are very popular. So please register your interest with Helen John at [email protected] or call 07870 574174