Swansea team to face Llandovery

Swansea travel to the Church Bank to play Llandovery in the Indigo Premiership Cup on Saturday. It’s the first ‘shots in anger’ since we last played them back on 7th March 2020.

The boys will appreciate Whites supporters so make the trip if you can (see twitter for train times).

Kick off is at 2:30pm and the Swansea line up is as below.

  1. Tom Sloane2. Owen Thomas

    3. Jordan Pritchard

    4. Matt Dodd

    5. Huw Sutton

    6. Jay William (c)

    7. Callum Bowden

    8. Charlie Davies

    9. Liam Seaward

    10. James Davies

    11. Josh Carrington

    12. Kieran Charles

    13. Hanno Dirksen

    14. Harri Houston

    15. Liam Popham

    16. Aneurin James

    17. Cameron Jones

    18. Alun Dew

    19. Owen Morgan

    20. Jon Fox

    21. Ben Ley

    22. Curtis Davies

    23. Kian Abraham