Swansea team to face Aberavon

The Swansea team to face Aberavon on Saturday 6th has been announced and is as per below. Supporters please note that kick off at St Helens will be at 2:00pm to ensure the match finishes before the Wales v South Africa match begins.

Wales v South Africa will be shown at the club and we hope you will all stay on and enjoy the international.

Swansea team:

  1. Tom Sloane 


  1. Owen Thomas 


  1. Richard Murphy 


  1. Matt Dodd 


  1. Jay Williams  (c) 


  1. Leon Mcnally 


  1. Callum Bowden 


  1. Charlie Davies 



  1. Ben Ley 


  1. James Davies 


  1. Kian Abraham 


  1. J. Rhys Williams 


  1. Hanno Dirksen 


  1. Llien Morgan 


  1. Gareth Rees 



  1. Aneurin James 


  1. Tom Northy 


  1. Alun Dew 


  1. Ben Gregory 


  1. Will Baraclough 


  1. Connor Tantum 


  1. Gwyn Parks 


  1. Matt Billett