Swansea RFC Invest In Their Squad

Swansea RFC have committed to investing in their playing squad by purchasing a team supply of Statsport GPS units. The reason for investment in athlete monitoring technology is ultimately to improve on field performance, the data can provide a number of benefits not only to the athlete and squad but also to the coach. If kept in context the data can help to inform best practice, highlight important performance metrics and establish markers to return to play from injury. Swansea RFC are also extremely proud to be the first Premiership team to use this technology.



We distribute and collect the units and vests on training nights and for games. Then download the data from the units and start the analysis process. We then feedback the game data on a Tuesday evening when we meet prior to training. Individual training feedback will predominantly come via messaging or conversation around training, the interaction and conversations with players are very valuable and usually prompt any concerns the player might have or offer opportunities to suggest how improvements might be made.

In the short term we will concentrate our focus on a few of the GPS metrics to highlight the areas we’d like to concentrate on, initially, maximum speed (m/s), distance per min (m/min) and High-Speed Running (m/s). It’s very important for the lads to understand what the metrics looks like in an applied sense. For example, maximum speed could be in a kick chase scenario where you try to run at your highest metres per second (m/s). 

As the season progresses trends should appear in the data helping us to inform the quality of training and the intensity of games. 

Strength and Conditioning coach Alex Lawson said: ” Consistent feedback should help us to keep our players performances at their best, provide objective performance feedback and in due course improve team and individual baselines.

Our close partnership with the Ospreys allows us to drive a similar philosophy with aligned performance metrics. Our strong relationship with Swansea University has allowed us to appoint two MSc students on placement for the first time, they will gain valuable applied experience in a team setting and be responsible for the GPS for Swansea RFC and the players within that squad.

We are all excited by the addition of the GPS units to our operation and would like to thank the Swansea RFC board who made it happen.”