Preview: Cross Keys and more from William Bowcutt

With Thursday’s big game against CROSS KEYS at St Helen’s fast approaching (kick-off 8:00pm), we asked a young Whites supporter for his views and prediction…

Supporters may not have realised it but the last couple of home games have seen young supporter William Bowcutt manning the scoreboard for us. We thought we’d catch up with him and get his views on the club and life as a young supporter at St Helen’s.


Whites: William, we have seen you on match day near the grandstand helping out and sometimes doing ‘ball-boy’ duties. When did you first come to see Swansea play and who brought you.

William: The first game I came to see at St Helens was an Ospreys vs Swansea friendly match 10 years ago, I was playing rugby for Waunarlwydd at the time when I had the offer to come down and ball carry for the game with a few of my team mates.

Whites: Do you play sports yourself and what club/s have you played for?

William: I used to play rugby for Bonymaen where my dad used to coach, I then went to play for Waunarlwydd with some of my friends.

Whites: What do you think is the most exciting match you have seen Swansea play?

William: The most exciting game I have seen Swansea play was Swansea vs RGC 1404 when we was fighting to go up and got that drop goal to secure a position in the Premiership for the next season.

Whites: Do you have favourite players that you like to see at St Helen’s and what makes them stand out for you?

William: I think my favourite player has got to be Paul John, he always used to congratulate me on doing a good job when I was ball carrying and he plays the same position that I used to play.

Whites: Thursday evening’s match against Cross keys is an important one for the club regarding our league position. If you had to predict a score, what would that be?

William: I think this is going to be a hard game for us as a team but with the quality of the rugby that Swansea has been playing lately, I think that we will get a win but it will be a close game.

Whites: You have recently been helping out by manning the scoreboard. How did you find that experience and what is the view like from up there?

William: It is interesting using the score board and learning how it was done many years ago. The view from up there is wonderful; you get a good birds eye view of the pitch.

Whites: How do you see Wales performing in the Six Nations tournament this year and which will be the most difficult match for Wales?

William: I think England this weekend are going to be a very difficult game for Wales in this year’s Six Nations but coming off the last few games that Wales have played, I feel that Wales have a good chance at winning this season.

Whites: Who is your all-time favourite Swansea player?

William: My favourite player that I have seen playing for Swansea was Rhodri Wells, he has always seemed to love playing for Swansea and he would talk to me when I would stand around waiting for the ball to go out of play.

Whites: Have you made many friends at St Helen’s since you started watching Swansea play and what is the best thing about being a Swansea supporter?

William: I have made loads of friends down here watching Swansea play. I can’t walk past the grandstand now without saying hello to all of the regulars. The best thing about being a Swansea supporter is learning about the clubs history from other supporters and long-time members.


(one of William’s photos from the vantage point in the scoreboard)