New look Wales women’s Premier League

With the end of Premier League fixtures in the Wales Women’s game the new fixtures for the overhauled league are now out. 

From March 1 2020, all female domestic rugby in Wales will be licensed via the Female Hubs to nurture the development of a strong future pathway for women and girls. A complete review of the Women’s game in Wales has seen a new structure put in place to advance the game at grass-roots and top levels. You can find out about this in more detail on the WRU website HERE.

For the Swansea Women’s RFC matches, we have reproduced those fixtures below. Swansea RFC looks forward to continuing our support of the women’s game in Wales and the continuity of the successful initiative at St Helen’s and its positive affect on the Women’s game at all levels.

WRU National Women’s Premier Division SWANSEA’s Fixtures:

Date Opponent (H/A) Date Opponent (H/A)
06-09-2020 Pontyclun – H 01-11-2020 Pontyclun – A
13-09-2020 Llandaff North – A 08-11-2020 Llandaff North – H
20-09-2020 Bye 22-11-2020 Bye
27-09-2020 Deri – H 29-11-2020 Deri – A
11-10-2020 Pencoed – A 06-12-2020 Pencoed – H
18-10-2020 Bonymaen – H 13-12-2020 Bonymaen – A
25-10-2020 Nelson – A 20-12-2020 Nelson – H

Supercup Pools:

Supercup Pool ‘A’ Supercup Pool ‘B’






Llandaff North

Supercup Draw:

Date Fixture
01-03-2021 Swansea v Pencoed
09-03-2021 Bye
22-03-2021 Llandaff North v Swansea
05-04-2021 1st Pool ‘B’ v 2bd Pool ‘A’          1st Pool ‘A’ v 2nd Pool ‘B’
26-04-2021 Supercup FINAL.