More ‘100 cap’ players to be honoured

On Saturday seven former players of Swansea RFC will be presented with their Swansea caps. The presentations will take place in the St Helen’s Lounge after the match with Aberavon and will be the second such set of retrospective presentations to be made this season. Back in September the first set of seven former players who had each passed the 100 appearance mark for the ‘All Whites’ was made. They were: Mike James, Geoff Wheel, Geoff Atherton, Stuart “Shoulders” Davies, Mike Thomas, Morrie Evans and Barry Glegg.

This Saturday we will be presenting Swansea caps to seven more men who have passed that 100 appearance mark. The award represents the club’s appreciation of their skill, endeavour and loyalty to Swansea RFC, all values that the club has held in high esteem since its founding in 1872. These players and others in further presentations to be made this year, have upheld those values and Saturday will be an opportunity for the club to express their thanks in a way that is traditional for rugby clubs to do so. It is a small but heartfelt expression of the bond between Swansea Rugby Club, its supporters and its players.

Members of the current squad will be aware that a recent ceremony has likewise honoured players from the post 2003 era for their own loyalty and dedication to Swansea RFC and these 100 cap awards are ongoing, several players fast approaching that landmark.

But this time we say thank you as a club to the following seven ‘All Whites’ and hope you will join us in congratulating them all:

GORDON MORRIS 1956-1962 191 Games for Swansea
TREVOR EVANS 1970-1979 242 Games for Swansea
ALAN MEREDITH 1972-1982 190 Games for Swansea
DAI RICHARDS 1972-1986 305 Games for Swansea
HUW “spider” DAVIES 1974-1985 189 Games for Swansea
CLIVE WILLIAMS 1979-1987 199 Games for Swansea
TONY SWIFT 1979-1985 169 Games for Swansea