Fundraising for Freya Bevan

Fundraiser for Freya Bevan

Swansea RFC, and Swansea WRFC will be cycling to San Diego and back in support of Freya Bevan, daughter of team manager JP.  JP is a huge part of the club and we hope we can raise some funds for this incredible girl! 

Freya Bevan is a beautiful little girl who was diagnosed with a P.N.E.T Brain Tumour when she was 22 months old. Freya underwent two major brain surgeries, countless cycles of Chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and Proton Beam Therapy in America. For the last 5 years Freya has been having MRI scans to monitor the tumour, and sadly in October last year the scan showed a new tumour had grown. Freya had a further brain surgery on the 31st December where most of the growth was removed, however the results of the biopsy were devastating, and showed that the tumour was a high-grade Glioma. Everyone agreed that Freya needed to travel back to America to have more Proton-Beam Therapy with the same Doctor that treated Freya the first time. Freya arrived in America on the 22nd February and has been poorly since, experiencing severe headaches and vomiting; she was taken for an urgent MRI scan, where the results showed that the tumour has grown and spread rapidly throughout Freya’s brain. Freya is no longer eligible for Proton-Beam Therapy, however her Doctor does not want to give up hope and feels she will be able to have Photon-Beam Therapy which will blast the tumour to try and stop any more progression. Freya will also need oral chemotherapy, and her Doctor will be looking into any clinical trials that she may be eligible for. Freya and her family are unable to travel back to the U.K, as there is no further treatment available here, meaning the only hope we have is for Freya to stay in America with the amazing Doctors and treatment they have available there.

Unfortunately, this all comes with a large cost, and whilst there is some money left over from where we fundraised previously to get this far, it doesn’t come close to covering it.

Swansea RFC/SWRFC have decided to come together to support JP and his family with the fundraising efforts, and the team will be completing various challenges across the next few weeks. The first of which will be cycling to San Diego and back, a total of 10,800 miles! 

All donations, no matter how small are welcome and we hope to be able to provide much needed Whites support for JP and his family – If you would like to donate, please visit

If you would like to follow Freya’s treatment journey, you can do so at

Tom Sloane will also be planning a raffle and an auction in support of the fundraising efforts, and if anybody would like to donate anything towards these please do let us know at the club.