Floodlights Renovations

We’re pleased to announce the renovation of the floodlights at St Helen’s as part of the large number of ongoing improvement projects at St Helen’s that we hope supporters will approve of. Since 2017 the club have spent £107,000 on upgrading the lights, which were originally installed in 1964.

We now have a modern LED lighting system installed which easily EXCEEDS the 500 LUX lighting level required for televised matches even at ‘Regional’ and European competition level. This not only benefits Swansea RFC, who have more than met the WRU standards for the competitions we play in. But it also benefits the wider rugby community, specifically: Ospreys Development, Swansea University and Schools U11s & U15s matches played at St Helen’s.

Swansea RFC continues to strive to serve the wider rugby community and the long term investment made in facilitating evening matches at St Helen’s is clear evidence of this commitment.