Tabbsy’s 2.6 Challenge – Update

Whites supporters will know that our own ‘man on the mic’ Paul Tabram, or ‘Tabbsy’ as he’s universally known, has been raising funds for SWANSEA MIND with his 2.6 CHALLENGE. What is it and why is he doing it? We thought we’d catch up with Tabbsy and ask him to explain where he is every morning at 10 am and why he’s there…

So what are you doing, out walking every day and who is benefitting from the money raised?

Tabbsy: “What am I doing? I am walking from Swansea beach, in front of the St Helen’s ground, to Blackpill and back to St Helen’s. This is 2.6km and I am doing this every day for 26 days. I began my 2.6 Challenge on 1st May, am now half-way though and obviously, hope to complete it on 26th. Actually my own route is 3 miles (4.8km), so at least I know I won’t be shortchanging anyone!”

“The reason I decided to do it is because, when the London Marathon was cancelled, charities were losing out on much needed funds to keep them doing their good work during this difficult time. Members of the public around the country have been raising funds by doing a 2.6 challenge.  I decided to do a challenge of my own for Swansea Mind as both my wife and I have lost very dear friends to mental health issues.  It seemed logical that as Swansea Mind are also our club charity to do this for them.”

So how much are you hoping to raise?

Tabbsy:  “I started by looking to raise £500 for Swansea Mind but thanks to my kind hearted friends on Facebook and through Virgin Money Giving Website, the total has nearly doubled that as of 13th May.”

How can we donate to your 2.6 Challenge and help raise money for Swansea Mind?

Tabbsy: “It’s easy to do. You can follow the link here: Tabbsy’s 2.6 CHALLENGE and just follow the prompts to donate and also see what is the current total raised. I’m very grateful for all the support and interest this has generated and will continue to get out there and do my best as well. Thanks to all the supporters who’ve donated and expressed support. See you all when we start up again at St Helen’s.”  Tabbsy.

We wish Tabbsy all the best for the second half of his challenge and encourage you all to follow him on twitter and donate to a great cause.