Swansea RFC Club captains since 1872

SWANSEA RFC 1st XV captains since 1872 
 Season   Captain comments
1872-73 W R Randall Club played Association rules 
1873-74 C C Chambers Club played Association rules 
1874-75 C C Chambers Club adopted rugby rules
1875-76 C C Chambers  
1876-77 F F Meager   
1877-78 F F Meager  Finalists South Wales Challenge Cup 
1878-79 A H Richardson 

Richardson was elected but never played in 1878-79. C C Chambers  captained team.

1879-80 A H Richardson Winners South Wales Challenge Cup 
1880-81 A H Richardson 
1881-82 G L Morris  Morris is first Swansea player capped for Wales
1882-83 G L Morris  Finalists South Wales Challenge Cup  
1883-84 G L Morris   
1884-85 W H Gwynn  
1885-86 W H Gwynn   
1886-87 E S Richards  Winners South Wales Challenge Cup 
1887-88 E S Richards   
1888-89 W H Towers  Lost to NZ Maoris 0 - 11
1889-90 W A Bowen  Premier Club of Wales 
1890-91 W A Bowen  Premier Club of Wales 
1891-92 W A Bowen  Runners up to Welsh Premiers 
1892-93 C S Coke  
1893-94 W J Bancroft  
1894-95 E Thorogood  
1895-96 A M Jenkin Jenkin rescinded duties in 1895 to J Prescott for remainder of season.
1896-96 W J Bancroft   
1896-97 W J Bancroft   
1897-98 W J Bancroft   
1898-99 W J Bancroft  Welsh Champions 
1899-00 W J Bancroft  Welsh Champions 
1900-01 W J Bancroft  Welsh Champions 
1901-02 F J Gordon  Welsh Champions
1902-03 F J Gordon  Runners up to Welsh Champions. Beat Canada 18 - 0
1903-04 W J Parker  Welsh Champions 
1904-05 F J Gordon  Welsh Champions - "INVINCIBLES"
1905-06 F J Gordon   
1906-07 W J Trew  
1907-08 W J Trew  
1908-09 W J Trew  Runners up to Welsh Champions. Beat Australia 6 - 0
1909-10 W J Trew  
1910-11 W J Trew   
1911-12 R M Owen  
1912-13 W J Trew  Welsh Champions. Beat South Africa 3 - 0
1913-14 D J Thomas   
1914-15 H Lewis Season stopped due to Great War 
1919-20 H Lewis  
1920-21 T Parker   
1921-22 R Huxtable   
1922-23  J (Joe) Rees 
1923-24  F Palmer   
1924-25  J H John  Lost to New Zealand 3 - 39 
1925-26  J E Watkins  Lost to NZ Maoris 6 - 11 
1926-27  J E Watkins 
1927-28 D S Parker  Lost to NSW Waratahs 0 - 11
1928-29 W Rowe Harding Runners up to Welsh Champions
1929-30 R Jones  Runners up to Welsh Champions
1930-31 W J Trew (Jnr.) 
1931-32  J (Jack) Rees  Lost to South Africa 3 - 10 
1932-33 B Evans   
1933-34 T Day   
1934-35 D Thomas   
1935-36 E Long  Beat New Zealand 11 - 3
1936-37 R (Ronnie) Williams   
1937-38 H Payne   
1938-39 W E Harris   
1939-40 E Morgan  Season stopped due to Second World War 

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