Chairman's Notes

By Hannah Willis | 17/04/2018

As per last weekend's programme, below is a copy of the Chairman's welcome from Stephen Hughes. 

"I know the guys are hurting from last week’s slip against Neath and am
aware that of our supporters are feeling the pain as well. I do listen to the comments that are made from the terraces and stand and nobody at the club wants a team with our heritage in our current table position.
When I became Chairman, I was very aware of the financial constraints the club was under. The board and I have tried to assist Richard Lancaster and his team of coaches with as much support as we can afford and have worked hard on our relationship with the Ospreys to develop players. The criticism I am hearing of our coaches is unfair. I would ask you our supporters to understand that our coaching staff are working with the second lowest budget in the league and about a quarter of the size of today’s visitors budget.

Maybe I have been naïve working towards a league I thought would be about development with some sort of regionalisation and quota’s of U23’s to support player pathway. The WRU announcement of the new structure of the Premiership reducing both the number of teams to twelve and their financial investment in it changes all of that. Next season make no mistake will be pivotal to the very survival of Swansea RFC.
Unless there is a change of mind by the WRU five teams next season are in jeopardy of being relegated. Our current standing would suggest we could be one of those five.
The board are considering all methods of improving the squad’s strength. We can see improvements this season when we are fully manned. Our pack under the new coaching of “Gus” have been a match for every club and our backs under Nicky’s stewardship have developed we are seeing better angles and support play. In the last two months we have been plagued by injuries as have the Osprey’s.

At this moment the board and I are weighing up the situation. Any judgement by you our supporters about the club need to levelled at me as Chairman. The coaching team are a very credible set up and I am only sorry we as a board haven’t managed to support them financially well enough for them to demonstrate how good they really are. They have all committed to stand behind Swansea RFC next season such is their passion for the club and what we are trying to achieve. I hope all of our supporters will stand behind us as well, as we try to find a solution that will see Swansea RFC where it belongs as Wales' second city challenging in the Premiership."

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