By Paul Tabram | 28/02/2012

Yes! As you can see this week's regular View From The Pew is slightly different this week. This is due to a recent berevement in Rev. Pete's family, so I am sure that everyone who reads this article every home match will send thier thoughts to Pete at this difficult time.

Due to the space becoming vacant I was encouraged to write a small article this week on the bus back from Beddau (or the Shallow End of the LC2) last Saturday, by the Two Dai's (Richards & Dow). Even though the game was rained off last week, it was great to go on a supporters bus once again. The last time I went on a supporters bus to watch "The Whites" was to Ebbw Vale on our way to a Cup Semi-Final date with Neath at the Liberty Stadium. This also got me thinking of some other great trips that I have been on and also the similaries and differences between Swansea and Ospreys away trips.

Ospreys away trips usually mean a 3-4 hour drive to an airport somewhere near London, expensive beer in a departure lounge, even more expensive beer on an aeroplane, a wait at arrivals for the one person who actually decided to pay an extra £50 not to carry their baggage. Another few hours drive to our destination before overcoming a language none of us can speak or understand to get into our rooms. Then it's fizzy lager, kebaberie (yes usually in France) followed by a sharing a room with a snoring companion, a lack of sleep, a refreshing shower, continental breakfast and then back to the same bar you went the night before to continue the merriment before doing it all over again.

Swansea away trips are half the hassle. First you have to wait for someone who turns up late for the bus by 5 minutes (.....sorry about that everyone! Ha Ha!), pick up some other people who managed to have a beer before getting on the bus (why didnt anyone else think of that), swig someone else's hip flask full of some rare 10 year old single malt whiskey. Arrive at the hosting club, have a few beers before heading off to the game, hopefully victorious, before smuggling a couple of cans back on the bus for the trip home.

Those are the differences, the similarities are the passion for the game. Watching Ospreys play in France we are met with vociferous support for the home team and Beddau have a great pedigree with many Welsh Internationals starting their careers in their Junior's and Youth teams before making their path to the senior Club side, professional level and to international honours. It really was a shame for everyone last weekend that the referee deemed the pitch unfit for the cup match but still nice to go on a Supporters Club Bus to follow "The Whites". Hopefully more trips will be organised so the fun can continue. My thanks to the Supporters Club Committee for supplying a bus free of charge but am sure that if similar trips were put on to other Premiership Games we would get good support in the future.

So to tonight's game! Welcome to all supporters, commitee and players of Bridgend tonight. I also have a slight affinity for Bridgend as the mother of my son is a keen supporter of the Brewery Field side, so Luc doesnt know which team to support tonight (....hopefully Swansea though!). They have a great bunch of supporters and we welcome them here to St Helens tonight. Both teams should be refreshed after not playing in the cup last weekend. The fixture at the beginning of the season saw Bridgend steal the game from the jaws of defeat in a 72 point thriller last September. These games always have plenty action with points a plenty and Brian in the supporters bar usually doing a roaring trade (situated between the toilets and the burger bar!). So lets hope we have a great game tonight and good luck to both teams. Whatever happens tonight Luc will be happy!

hope you enjoyed the game
Tabs - Man On The Mic

PS... Normal service will be resumed next week I'm sure

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