VFTP What choice have we got this Christmas ?

By Dave Dow | 10/12/2011

Let me begin with offering my prayers for those connected with the club, who recently suffered bereavement. Also I would like to offer my best wishes to a number of our playing squad who have suffered serious injuries recently. As this is our last game before Christmas let me also wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas.

 Is it just me or is there less Christmas spirit knocking around this year ? And I don’t mean the alcoholic variety ! The gloomy economic climate seems to have dampened down people’s outlook on the future. We all to a greater or lesser extent have to make more choices this year, as to what we can or can’t do, or whether we can afford it or not this Christmas. To return to the alcohol theme, our outlook, may depend a lot on whether you are a glass half full or half empty type of person, how you are approaching this year’s festive celebrations.

 These days there seems to be so many more choices that have to be made in terms of how we judge what is happening in rugby. Gone are the days where it was just whether you won or lost that determined our mood on a Saturday night. Now while results are still hugely important, we have bonus points for losing or tries scored, positioning in the table to decide whether we reach the play offs our next years cup competition; the development of young players; player welfare and much more to consider. On top of that it now it is not enough just to win, it is whether we win playing a good brand of rugby and entertained the crowd, which has to be factored in to our mood. So while we would all like to swap our win v lose rota over, the fact that we have lost all but two of those game by less than seven points could be seen as a positive, that we are not too far away from getting the results we all would like to see. The fact that we have fielded at times this season some of the youngest teams in Swansea history and seen some of those players recognised by the Ospreys can be seen as a good thing for our future. Others may argue for finding a winning formula and team of whatever age and stick to it and get results regardless of how we play or the future. We in the words of the rock song want it now ! Like my hunch about Christmas this year, patience is not often found in the world of sport. Are we willing to except some short term pain for the long term gain ?

 Perhaps rather than sharing my thoughts on rugby which obviously I know little about, I should return to something I’m suppose to know more about the Christmas story. But here again it seems to me we are left with choices of how and who we celebrate, it is a story for me that shows God’s huge patience with us. That is why despite the economic climate, some of the on the field results this season, I’m more than a half the glass full guy, but more a cup overflowing guy. Not because things have always gone right for me or for us, but God’s (who after all is my boss !) been not only patient with me but gracious during another year. You have been part of my optimistic outlook; you have continued to amaze me with your generosity towards the club’s chosen charity. We had already raised nearly £650, before the collection at last Thursday’s carol service, which is a great effort. Your support on Thursday was also greatly appreciated; I hope you enjoyed the evening. I’ll let you know the updated total in the next VFTP. While you may not be able to share my enthusiasm for things at present, but if you got through my rambling thoughts today, it shows you got more patience than you thought. Result !

 Let’s share some Christmas cheer today by our encouragement of Jason and the boys as they look to balance choices with results. And finally happy birthday Hoppy !

 What is Father Christmas favourite pizza ?

Deep pan, crisp and even !

 Enjoy the game

Rev Pete Orphan will be performing live at Pantygwydr Baptist Church this Christmas if you would like to join him ! (www.pbc247.org)

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