Swansea 0 v 0 Llandovery Coll
04 November 1876 - St Helen's, Swansea
Llandovery College

Match Report

Swansea win their firstever game at St Helens


This was the first ever external rugby football match played at the St Helens ground (an internal match was played among the Swansea club members on 7 October.) 

Cambrian 10 Nov. 1876 p5 

A match was played between these two clubs on Saturday last on the Swansea ground. Meager won the toss for choice of goals for Swansea, and C. P. Lewis kicked off the ball for the college. The superiority of the home team was very conspicuous up to half time when they had succeeded in scoring two goals and two tries, and also compelling the visitors to touch down three times in self-defence, and not allowing them to score a single point. After a change of ends the college team made a vigorous effort to make the state of the game evener and managed to score two goals, but the home team again put in two tries to their score and forced the college to touch down three times more; so the Swansea team won their first match this season after some very hot and exciting play by two goals and four tries to two goals.

NB: They played fourteen a-side.